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Governed by the highest ethical standards, our agency maintains a policy of integrity, accountibility, and professionalism with our work, and confidentiality for all our clients.

Specializing in Forensic Restoration, Water Restoration, & Odor Control

Biohazard Cleaning - Chicago, IL

When it comes to biohazard cleaning in Illinois ,you won't find a more engaged or better-equipped cleaners than The Friendly Cleaner. Experience, confidentiality, and discretion are some of what you look for in a cleaning agency, and our company embodies those characteristics along with many others. For more than two decades we've worked with private individuals, corporate clients, and legal agencies on a range of biohazard cleaning services.

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Forensic  Photograpy
Biohazard Cleaning - Chicago, IL
Biohazard Cleaning - Chicago, IL

We are Second Responders. A second responder is a worker who supports "first responders" such as police, fire, and emergency medical personnel. They are involved in preparing, managing, returning services, and cleaning up sites during and after an event requiring first responders. 

A first responder saves a life, but a second responder helps the person put their life back together.